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Education - Focus on excellence

From kindergarten to primary and secondary school

Parents of children living in Ashrafieh are practically accustomed to this play: they begin by registering their baby in one of the greatest nurseries located there (some of them welcome children from 3 months old until 5:30pm). So parents think that they have plenty of time to think about the school to choose for their kid ... Until the time when a question comes around from their friends, their colleagues, and even from some traders of the area, "In which school are you going to enroll your child?”

And here comes the dilemma: the whole sector gathers about forty public and private high level establishments.

High schools and colleges offer very often a primary education from kindergarten. It is recommended to enroll your child as soon as possible, which means at the age of 3 years old, in order to avoid being rejected because of a lack of room.

Among these institutions comes the Collège du Sacré Cœur des frères des écoles chrétiennes in Gemayzeh. Founded in 1880, this establishment has hosted the elite of Lebanese leaders.

There is also the College of Our Lady of Nazareth (with its beautiful park) which, from 1868, has hosted several generations of young girls of the Beiruti bourgeoisie. It became coeducational for about ten years ago.

The Grand Lycee Franco-Lebanese (GLFL), that cannot be ignored, is also called the “Lycée français “or si! ! mply "Lycée". It was founded in 1909 by the secular French Mission, who helped establishing numerous other French institutions around the world. Originally located in the Sodeco district, near Down Town, it has moved to settle in Beni Assaf Street, near the Embassy of France in the street of the National Museum.

As for public schools, there is the Lycée Laure Moughayzel, founded in 1953 under the name "The New Secondary School Girls." First installed in Sursock Street, it was transferred in 1969 by the Ministry of Education into new premises in St. Peter and Paul Street in Fassouh. Nowadays, this institution is still dedicated only for young girls.

An official says : «It’s in the year 1997 that this school was named "Lycée Laure Moughayzel" at the request of the Association of Lebanese university students. Lebanese lawyer Laure Moughayzel, pioneer and activist for the protection of human rights (she has also participated in the founding of many organizations including the Lebanese League of Human Rights), has struggled for fifty years for a fair Lebanese law regarding Human Rights of Women. She is also member of the International Committee of Human Rights at the United Nations.»


As for universities

St Joseph University is better known for its initials: USJ. Private institution founded in 1875, it is located in Huvelin Street, Monot. It has also set up another campus, dedicated for Human Sciences, near the Embassy of France. The campus of the Huvelin Street with the Faculty of Law and Political Science, Economics Sciences and Business Administration, have welcomed hundreds of students around the world through exchanges programs with foreign institutions. Students from Europe and United States meet with the Lebanese students during lectures and within university dorms (where they can get a room or a small apartment). They also sometimes live in large apartments in the neighborhood where they share location fees.

In addition to traditional majors who made its reputation (law, medicine, engineering), the university opens each year new curriculums, adapted to the economic needs of the country particularly in the tourism fields (for example, a cooking school with its restaurant). Its (University for all) concept allows a diverse public (housewives, retired people or even young graduates with no professional experience) to educate themselves and update their knowledge in different fields.

As for technical education institutes

Pigier school was launched in Lebanon in 1920. Founded in Paris in 1850, Pigier and its 120 schools and training centers are part of la Compagnie de Formation – France. Pigier Lebanon is located in Gemmayze. It is involved in Business Education, Professional Continuing Education (training for adults and business companies in the fields of business), Recruitment & Placement Services (for companies and adults, also to help students find jobs and internships).

Francel Institute of Beirut, that offers since 1977, courses in two specific majors: tourism (hotels and restaurants in particular), knowing that the institution is affiliated since 1996 to the Hotel Management School of Paris. And Administration: the Francel Institute is affiliated since 1995 to the Graduate School of Computer Engineering of Paris.

The Technical Institute of the Brothers
(ITF) in Gemayzeh: Founded in 1920’s, the Technical Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools has played a pioneering role in the development of higher technical and professional education in Lebanon. Since 1972, the Institute has been adopting programs according to the French system of accounting. In 1977 was created a section dedicated for Computer Management. Today the Technical Institute of the Brothers offers training courses in computer technology, management and accounting programs, as well as in innovative techniques of teaching foreign languages.

Regarding the training of health staff, the Jeitawi Hospital Technical Institute of nursing was founded in 1984. Since 2000, it became entitled to issue a Bachelor of Nursing and Physiotherapy. It also may be the reason why health centers and hospitals in the area are famous throughout the Middle East, where they are often considered as being the best in the region. People come from around the world, including the Arab world for the quality of treatments and health care provided, ranging from Hotel Dieu de France, Hospital of St. George Greek Orthodox, to Rizk hospital or Jeitawi hospital (the four main hospitals in the sector). The American University of Science and Technology (AUST), has for its part recently opened its doors of its branch located in Alfred Naccache Street. It became quickly a prestigious faculty in Lebanon.

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