Proposing in Achrafieh


So you’re ready to propose to your significant other but want to make it extra super special. Instead of a traditional gathering where you ask her in front of her entire family, you want it to be a more private and romantic affair. So, what do you do? Well, here are some creative ways to pop the question that are sure to make your night unforgettable.

Remember that clichéd ring-in-the-cake idea? Take it to the next level. Try it out with the main course. Why wait for dessert? If she loves sushi, take her to Tsunami or Oceanus, and have the staff place the ring in the center of the sashimi platter!

If you insist on waiting for dessert, how about going to Starbucks Sassine and placing the ring on the tip of a slice of chocolate fudge cake?

Free Fun in Achrafieh


On a budget and can’t spend money on entertainment but still want to experience Achrafieh and what it has to offer? There are a few options for free fun. They won’t be the most glamorous of options, but hey, it beats sitting at home. So here they are. Take your pick and whatever you do, be safe and have fun!

Park : Siufi Park is a nice little hideout from the traffic and noise of the city. Come inside this little haven and mingle among the trees, flowers, interesting sculptures and quiet spots to sit alone and meditate or bring a friend or loved one and enjoy some time together in nature.

Saifi Village : Did you know that nestled among all those apartment buildings there is an art quarter?? I didn’t even know that! Someone should go explore and write an article on what they find! (hint hint for coming article!)

Caffeine free taste testing


Want to escape the heat at a coffee shop but don’t want to down another cup of coffee? I mean, how many can you have before you start getting jittery anyway?

Luckily, coffee isn’t the only beverage available. There are other options for the caffeine-free soul.

For those who love fruity tastes, you can get a smoothie. Although not 100% without sugar, Elie Hajj, the manager of Caribou Sassine said that their smoothies are made with imported American yogurt, and an already prepared mix that contains some sugar. No added sugar on top of that. You can also order hot chocolate which comes in (white, milk or dark) chocolate, the dark having the most caffeine.

The coffee shop hop


It’s Summer. It’s hot. Seeking refuge from the sun? It’s time to do the coffee shop hop. If you haven’t heard of the coffee shop hop, it can be defined as the action of going from one coffee shop to another, eating, drinking and being merry throughout the day, and even leading into the night.

Sassine and Achrafieh as a whole is full of coffee shops to visit, each with their own special drinks and treats. Pick a hot day, and try it out! Go to at least 3 different places and enjoy what they have to offer, plus free Wi-Fi in some of them, to share the adventure with your friends.

Coffee shops are rolling out their promotions for the summer, and you’ll get special treats that are not available all year round.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has unleashed their Passion Guava tea. Also, with every 2 purchases of tea or coffee, you get one free.

Discovering Muay Thai: another martial art in Ashrafieh


What do Tony Jaa, a bunch of MMA fighters, and some of the people down at Body Garage gym have in common? Well first, they all enjoy a hard work out. And second, they are all practitioners of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is the official martial art of Thailand, and is also called the eightlimbs striking art, for you use your feet and hands, but also your elbows and knees to strike.

Muay Thai is more of a combat sport than a martial art actually. But it can be called a martial art for it was used by the army, when disarmed, as a means to defend themselves. The sport is similar to other Indochinese kickboxing systems. It is Thailand’s national sport.

An open-air show for children in Sioufi's Garden


Nhar w Layl (Day and Night) is a two-performance show that can please the entire family. The open-air show will be performed, during three week-ends in a row in different public gardens in Beirut: one will be organized in Sioufi Gardens, another in Sanayeh Garden and a third on in the Pin Forest Horch Beyrouth.

Nhar w Layl is a new collaboration between Collectif Kahraba and Dar Onboz Publisher house. It has been imagined to tour the hole country, in the villages, on public suqares, in schools. The show is divided in two performances: at 6:30pm, the team performs Ken Fi Asfour 3a Chajra, a performance with puppets and rhymes. At 8:30pm, they invite the audience to another performance " Sab3a w 7" a shadow puppet and storytelling performance.

Between each performance, people can enjoy Om Ali's mana'eesh with a freshly squeezed juice.

Focus on Bar Louie, one of the first clubs in Gemmayzeh


Bar Louie is one of the top establishments in Gemmayzeh. It closed down for a while a couple of months ago. It is now re-opened while undergoing some changes. First change, Nader.M also known as Funky Nad took over the management in collaboration with the previous owner. We met with him to know more about the story of this place and how it’s run.

Nader.M became a musician a couple of years ago, while he was in France to get a degree in financial engineering (degree which he got). Back in Beirut about three years ago, he dedicated himself to music as part of the blues/rock band Funky Nad. They are now working on an album and for three years have been giving most of their shows at … Bar Louie.

Enologia wine venue starting on Friday


Wine importer Enologia and its experts launched on Friday a grand wine encounter at Linda Sursock Palace.

A good chance to discover over three hundred different wines from France, Italy, Spain, America or even Argentina. Please don’t try them all in one day though: take your time, this is a 3 day event.

The venue also offers for visitors to receive the help and guidance of professional sommeliers. Of course one can then make up list of what he liked and purchase it. Wine accessories are also available for purchase.

Starting on Friday November 12th and ending on November 14th, the event will open at 3pm and close at 10pm all three days.

Do you speak "Lomo"?


For the last few months, “lomography” became more and more popular in Beirut. Let’s focus on this particular technique of photography, associated to a real philosophy, and to its implantation in the Lebanese capital, and particularly in Achrafieh.

“Push your limits aside and get ready to photograph emptiness”. This is the credo of lomography (lo-fi), a proper photographic movement which arises with this very particular camera: the lomograph (lomo).

Conceived for the first time by a Soviet company in the beginning of the eighties, the “Lomo” seduced people who seem to be attracted by its very flaws, such as the “vignetting”, namely the obsurity and the darkness of the borders, around the image.

Cigar fans in Lebanon


A luxury item for some, a work of art for others, the cigar occupies a very special place in Lebanon. The country even ranks among the most important cigar importers in the world. Why?

Over the years, Lebanon has shown its passion for cigars. The Duty Free at Beirut’s airport contains a chive “ Casa del Habano”, a world-famous cigar shop that also opened in Achrafieh near Sassine Place. Other signs are present in the Lebanese territory such as “Akiki’s cigars” in Downtown Beirut as well as many “Cigar lounge” present in the Lebanese capital. Unfortunately, there aren’t any official rates of the exact number of signs in Lebanon.