Mosaic Ashrafieh international photo competition winners


The second Mosaic Ashrafieh international photo competition was held Thursday February 17 at Galerie Bekhazi in Ashrafieh. In 2010, the photo contest was focused on Hamra.

The event, launched by Spreadminds, and supported by MP Michel Pharaon who made sure to be among the attendees, stimulated intense creativity among the participants.

Despite allocation of prizes to winners, none of the participants has lost for their works that were amazing and full of creativity. They all deserve to win.

Photographers from inside Ashrafieh and outside, Lebanese and foreigners pictured august shots of the beautiful neighborhood.

We wait for next year’s edition... In the meantime, these photographers deserve a salutation.

Photo contest in Achrafieh: an exhibition at CCF before the official results


Under the patronage of Mr. Michel Pharaon, Spreadminds is proud to introduce its second international photography contest “Mosaic: Ashrafieh International Photography Contest” following last year’s successful “Lakum Hamra2ikum wa Lihmara2i” contest in Hamra.

The competition brought together over 300 participants this year, including some fifty international candidates, more than twice the number of the previous year. Mohamad Badr of Spreadminds, said he was "surprised" by the quality of print of this event. Indeed,several international photographers have agreed to play the game, dozens of them have "made the trip specially for the contest" he adds.

Green wheels, Lebanon on two wheels!


During summer 2010 a brand new Lebanese association was officialised: Green Wheel. This association, which does not seek profit, belongs to Marc Geara, real estate promoter and bike maniac. Interested in their projects, we have gone to meet with them.

“Promoting the use of bikes in Lebanon” seems to be Marc Geara’s credo. His passion for bikes started very young when he first got a mountain bike. Last year he bought a road bike, to bike around Lebanon with some of his friends. Sharing the same passion for the two wheel engine, they usually devour the Lamartine Valley kilometre after kilometre. Biking, a real sport! But not only… Marc Geara is well aware of that. Before anything else it is a hobby and a mean of transportation. It is upon those two dimensions that the association wants to focus.

A young French student gives us her own point of view on Gemmayzeh


Gemmayzeh happens at night. It is one of the first places you go to when you arrive to Beirut because it is near the cheapest youth hostels. Gemmayzeh is a street, a very long one, where everything collides in a great chaos.

Gemmayzeh, it is an apparently useless Police station, restaurants, bars and a list of over 80 places from which you have to chose from according to your style. The places you go to will define an equilibrium, form of serenity without which one will drown into oblivion and excess.

Gemmayzé la nuit


Bien loin des préoccupations des riverains, voici le regard de Chloé sur Gemmayzé la nuit. Cette jeune étudiante étrangère raconte ici son Gemmayzé, entre néons, obscurité, et démesure aussi.

Gemmayze d’abord c’est la nuit. C’est un des premiers endroits où l’on va quand on est un jeune étranger qui arrive à Beyrouth car les auberges de jeunesse les moins chères sont situées à proximité. Gemmayze c’est une rue, très longue, où tout se côtoie dans un grand chaos.

Focus on Nasawiya


In Lebanon, where women’s civil rights are at the heart of many debates a feminist association tries to bring about change. Nasawiya, as they call themselves, is settled in Achrafieh.

Nasawiya means feminist in Arabic. The collective was born out of Nadine Moawad’s mind in April 2010 as a replacement for her previous engagement the Feminist Collective. Seeing the failure of the traditional discourse on Women’s rights, N. Moawad wanted to try something new and return to feminist action. She wants to promote women’s position in society while at the same time tackling the negative image people carry about feminists.

Rifaq el-Darb, an intergenerational association


Since 1993, the association Rifaq el-Darb has been accompanying the Most isolated senior citizens of Beirut. Today, there are about forty volunteers to make weekly visits to almost one hundred people.

‘‘The white heads’’ is the name given by M. Taoutel, one of the founding members of the association Rifaq el-Darb, to the elderly whom he provide care with the other volunteers. Rifaq el-Darb means the road’s guides and it is the whole reason behind the association: to accompagny white heads, not to let them live in solitude and poverty and to organize parties and outings.

Rabih Kayrouz: from Achrafieh to Paris


Maison Rabih Kayrouz is settled in Achrafieh. However, the Lebanese designer opened a showroom in Paris last year. As an invited member on the official calendar of the Chambre syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris, he presented in this showroom his Fall Winter Couture collection a few days ago during the Fashion week. Focus on this creative fashion designer, whose models are poetic and modern at the same time.

Born in Ghazir region in 1973, Rabih Kayrouz is one of those fashion artists who cannot be categorized as being a “couture” designer as such, nor does his work fall under that common form of opulence that usually goes with great luxury; a style that regroups a large number of designers. Rabih came in fact to fill a space yet unknown to the Lebanese couture scene: he didn’t belong to the category of “renowned designers” whose work was mainly oriented towards Arab foreign clientele or to that of basic fashion designers who dressed Lebanese clientele only.

Cannes moves to Sofil

The 49th Critics week of the 2010 Cannes Festival will be taking place at the Metropolis Empire Sofil Theater from June 30 till July 12, 2010. The program: 13 days of discovery, an introduction to contemporary creations and a foretaste of tomorrow’s worldwide cinema.

A parallel section of Cannes’s Festival and a gateway to cinematographic creation, the Critics week has been dedicated since its beginnings, to the discovery of young talents.

Since it was first created by the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics in 1962, it has had one mission: to honor the first and second works of the world’s moviemakers. Bernardo Bertolucci, Jean Eustache, Otar Iosseliani, Ken Loach, Wong Kar Wai, Jacques Audiard, and Arnaud Desplechin have all started with the Critics Week.

« Live Achrafieh » hits the stage at Sassine Square

Beirutis in general and Achrafieh residents in particular gathered on Saturday, June 19, 2010, at Sassine Square to celebrate the launching of “Live Achrafieh” festival, in the presence of MP and State Minister Michel Pharaon, State Minister Jean Oghassapian and MP Nadim Gemayel and Serge Tor-Sarkissian. Among the attendees, there were also the US Ambassado to Lebanon Michele Sisson and senior political, social, party and developmental figures, as well as the representative of the State Security director general and Beirut town council members.

After the national hymn, minister Michel Pharaon welcomed all those who came to the scene for the launching of “Live Achrafieh” festival. “In the name of Achafieh, Rmeil and Saifi MPs and on behalf of the residents of the region, you are welcome to Sassine Square which is ready to host all those who came to attend ‘Live Achrafieh’ festival. Tonight, we will go beyond politics and daily concerns, despite the numerous pending major political issues.