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Proposing in Achrafieh

So you’re ready to propose to your significant other but want to make it extra super special. Instead of a traditional gathering where you ask her in front of her entire family, you want it to be a more private and romantic affair. So, what do you do? Well, here are some creative ways to pop the question that are sure to make your night unforgettable.

Remember that clichéd ring-in-the-cake idea? Take it to the next level. Try it out with the main course. Why wait for dessert? If she loves sushi, take her to Tsunami or Oceanus, and have the staff place the ring in the center of the sashimi platter!

If you insist on waiting for dessert, how about going to Starbucks Sassine and placing the ring on the tip of a slice of chocolate fudge cake?

If these are a bit too corny for you, then try this: Dress up in your best black suit, buy three dozen red roses, and go to Siufi Park. Once there, pick a spot and make a large heart shape or circle with the roses (enough for you and her to fit inside) and sprinkle some rose petals in the center. Call your girlfriend and have her meet you at the park and then escort her down to the spot. Bring her to the center of the heart/circle you made and then, pop the question!

If she’s very outgoing and sociable, how about getting a group of her best friends together and asking them to help you plan the surprise of a lifetime. Just knowing that her closes friends were in on the secret too will make it even more special.

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