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Introvert vs. Extrovert

Achrafieh is home to both extroverts, those people who love to socialize and introverts, those who’d rather keep to themselves. Just like that, there are quiet places and loud places in Achrafieh where both types of people can exist peacefully.

Cafés like Urbanista (Gemmyaze), Starbucks Sassine and Colombiano also in Sassine are full of extroverts, as the noise from the inside and full patio outside resonate with loud voices and cheer.


However, if you dig deeper, as I always say, you’ll find other places away from the crowds, like Gou, a café/restaurant with star quality drinks and dishes with twists that you’d never think of. La Lola, in my opinion, has the best pizza in Achrafieh…it’s wood-oven baked, freshly made with a thin crust and simply delectable.

“I lived in Italy and got used to real Italian pizza…La Lola comes very close to what I had,” said architect, Mohammad Labban.

So whether you love to be around lots of people and be the center of attention or whether you are more of the quiet keep to yourself type, or a bit of both, Achrafieh has the places to make you feel at home.

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