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God Help the Outcasts

Whether they were born this way, or life took them down a rough path, they find themselves on the streets with nowhere to turn. Whether or not they could have avoided their fate, fact is, they’re living it.

Be honest. You see them, but you pass right by them and don’t think twice. Some of you. It’s not uncommon. When you have so many homeless on the streets, you sort of tend to become desensitized to them and their existence becomes trivial.

Children begging on the street or selling Chiclets or flowers. They are becoming more and more bothersome, instead of being seen as “the children of the future”, they are ignored.

On the corner of Byblos Bank near Rizk Hospital, there’s an elderly lady with white hair, begging in the middle of the street, in danger of being run over by cars. She looks desperate with her hand outstretched and hunched back. Who pays attention to her? Who feeds her? What happens to her at the end of the day? Where does she sleep? It’s a mystery.

When walking down Hamra (especially on Bliss Street near AUB), you are almost attacked by people of all ages either selling little things or asking for money, doing whatever they can to survive. In Achrafieh it’s seen much less, however they’re still there.

Instead of passing by them one day, offer to buy them some food or drink. Or offer to give them some clothes or blankets. Something to help them get by.

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