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Free Fun in Achrafieh

On a budget and can’t spend money on entertainment but still want to experience Achrafieh and what it has to offer? There are a few options for free fun. They won’t be the most glamorous of options, but hey, it beats sitting at home. So here they are. Take your pick and whatever you do, be safe and have fun!

Park : Siufi Park is a nice little hideout from the traffic and noise of the city. Come inside this little haven and mingle among the trees, flowers, interesting sculptures and quiet spots to sit alone and meditate or bring a friend or loved one and enjoy some time together in nature.

Saifi Village : Did you know that nestled among all those apartment buildings there is an art quarter?? I didn’t even know that! Someone should go explore and write an article on what they find! (hint hint for coming article!)

Want some free fun and culture at the same time? Go around to the different galleries containing pieces of world-renowned artists, and enjoy their work, as you dream or contemplate a purchase and imagine where in your house it would go.

Photo Ops : Be a tourist even if you’re not and explore Achrafieh’s nooks and crannies: old buildings, flowers, old street signs, and go on a photo adventure! See how many random things you can find and photograph them in an interesting way.

Window shopping- dreaming up your future home décor : Can’t afford high-end couture? You can still dream. Walk around with your friends window shopping, getting to all the stores, and you’ll soon come across more affordable funky shops with accessories and fashionable pieces.

Go jogging on the streets: If weather permits, you can go jogging around the neighborhood. Remember to take a water bottle with you, and watch out for cars.

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