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Focus on Bar Louie, one of the first clubs in Gemmayzeh

Bar Louie is one of the top establishments in Gemmayzeh. It closed down for a while a couple of months ago. It is now re-opened while undergoing some changes. First change, Nader.M also known as Funky Nad took over the management in collaboration with the previous owner. We met with him to know more about the story of this place and how it’s run.

Nader.M became a musician a couple of years ago, while he was in France to get a degree in financial engineering (degree which he got). Back in Beirut about three years ago, he dedicated himself to music as part of the blues/rock band Funky Nad. They are now working on an album and for three years have been giving most of their shows at … Bar Louie.

Today the musician became a manager. He remembers: "Bar Louie was the second club to open in Gemmayzeh about ten years ago. That’s what makes it a pioneer actually with Torino and also Godot and Dragonfly. The concept was the same as today. "It was always like that: live music"
So why did the club close down recently? "It closed because Najib, the owner, wanted to change the management of this place, so inevitably to pass it on to us and to train us a little bit he had to close. There was the idea to change the thing into a lounge bar, but Najib drew his studies and decided that since it’s always been a place for live music, it would stay like that."

However, some things might change, though any change can be risky. "the problem with Bar Louie is that it already built an image. It’s very hard to change it, well, it’s risky. But the food is going to change for example, we’ll have a new menu. The question of band charge is being negotiated as well. It will either disappear or be brought down to 5000 (instead of 10 000)."

So don't worry, Bar Louie will always be Bar Louie.

(Photo from Bar Louie' Facebook Group:!/photo.php?fbid=303202603618&set=o.30073628781 )

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