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Feeling secure?

Some Lebanese politicians recently warned that the country is going through a dangerous phase of car blasts, assassinations and bombs, calling people to be “cautious".

With the escalating political turmoil, most Lebanese citizens are nothing less than worried about the situation. Do you feel secure? Does it affect your daily life and your mood?

“It’s unpredictable…nobody knows what’s going to happen yet,” says engineer, George Tabbal, “but we hope for the best.”

“This region is like a volcano…we pray to God it will be ok, but we don’t know until something happens. Waiting is the most difficult part,” says Ibrahim Shatila, shop owner.

However, there are others who think it’s not impending doom, but it’s just another day in the Middle East.

“It’s normal here to have fighting, and political problems. I’m used to it,” says Ramzi Labban.

Local businesses in Achrafieh such as Caribou Sassine have nothing new to report except business as usual.

Elie Hajj, the manager of Caribou Sassine says that nothing has changed. “People here are used to bombs and problems. They are not afraid to live life and have fun regardless.”

What do you think?

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