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Domestic Animals in Achrafieh

Ashrafieh isn’t just about all the big buildings, the construction sites, the restaurants, the cafes, the shopping and the laidback people. It’s not just home to thousands of residents but it’s also home to the animals. You may be saying, “Come on…animals?” But the truth is…it’s their home too. Isn’t it?

The more you walk around in Achrafieh, the more you notice birdcages hung out side shops like good luck charms. Most people just walk right past them and don’t notice the tiny little being inside the cages. The birds. Finches, African Greys, lovebirds, parakeets, all kinds of breeds with feathers of beautiful colors that no one seems to care about, except for the child or two that passes by, holding their nanny’s hand pointing upwards and pulling the nanny towards the cage with wide eyes trying to get a glimpse of the winged wonder.

You also may see housekeepers walking dogs both large and small on the sidewalks, gathering with their friends for a small chat before continuing on their walks. Most are friendly and will let you pet the dogs if you ask politely. They may even be shocked at the question to bend down and pet an animal….something not many people in Lebanon would think of doing voluntarily unless they are animal lovers.

Which brings us to the cats of Achrafieh. Strays, lots of them. They hide during the day and come out at night to rummage through the green Sukleen garbage bins, trying to find any scraps to calm their rumbling tummies.

You may be afraid of them or be indifferent. However some people feel pity and try to lend a hand where they can. “We feed them small scraps of leftover meat,” says a butcher. “They love it.”

There are also people who go around feeding them when they can. Sad to think that many people just ignore these poor beings and disregard them. All they need is someone to care.

Do you ever notice the animals around Achrafieh?

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