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Caffeine free taste testing

Want to escape the heat at a coffee shop but don’t want to down another cup of coffee? I mean, how many can you have before you start getting jittery anyway?

Luckily, coffee isn’t the only beverage available. There are other options for the caffeine-free soul.

For those who love fruity tastes, you can get a smoothie. Although not 100% without sugar, Elie Hajj, the manager of Caribou Sassine said that their smoothies are made with imported American yogurt, and an already prepared mix that contains some sugar. No added sugar on top of that. You can also order hot chocolate which comes in (white, milk or dark) chocolate, the dark having the most caffeine.

Starbucks has options such as any of their available teas, served hot or on ice. If you want to relax, get an herbal tea such as chamomile. If you can’t have any more caffeine but need a little kick, get a hot chocolate plain or with one of their flavors: hazelnut, vanilla (or a combination of both), or caramel. You can also refresh yourself with the Frappuccinos sans-caffeine, such as the Strawberry Cream, Chocolate cream, or chocolate chip cream.

If you are a late nighter, go to Colombiano located in Sassine and choose from their large assortment of teas. I recommend the apple tea. If you choose other drinks go for lemonade (minted or plain). Always a good choice on a hot sweaty day.

See, there are plenty of options for those of us who must go caffeine-free due to medical reasons, or the fact that we’ve consumed enough throughout the day. Just have to explore all the options until you find one you love!

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