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Back to school...

It’s that time of year again. The time that children dread, the time that parents have been waiting for, and the time that teachers are ready for. It’s back to school time.

Ashrafieh will soon be full of school buses bringing kids to and from the numerous schools in the neighborhood.

For most young kids, back to school means putting away the toys and taking out the books and writing utensils for 8 to 9 hours a day plus homework time at night.

This year, back to school is coinciding with a shaky political climate (more shaky than usual) and this leaves parents nervous when dropping off their children. Anything could happen at anytime with the escalating pressures from all sides.

So one does what one can to retain a regular schedule and function as normal as possible, but we all know what’s in the back of our minds.

While the parents worry, the children focus on their studies. Some children not even knowing what’s going on outside their own safe little world.

“During the 2006 war when there was shelling close to home, I told my children that there was a big celebration and that they were just doing fireworks,” said Rania Shatila, mother of 2 in Ras Beirut. “I didn’t want to worry them or scare them.”

However, some children are very aware of the situation. Some of them still talk about the blast that hit Ashrafieh on October 19 last year.

Do you shield your children from the hard cold truth or do you explain to them what’s going on? Which is better? What are your worries for this school year?

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